Hersey Nature Reserve

Seaview Duver

This page is devoted to Seaview Duver because the beach and Hersey Nature Reserve are part of the Solent and Southampton Water Special Protection Area (SPA Site Code: UK9011061).

This SPA comprises a series of estuaries and adjacent coastal habitats on both sides of the Solent important for breeding gulls and terns and wintering waterfowl.

Here on the island, a corridor of Sites of Special Scientific Interest stretching from Newtown Harbour to Whitecliff Bay and Bembridge Ledges form part of the Special Protection Area because of their European ornithological importance.

As part of one of these SSSI (Ryde Sands and Wootton Creek) Hersey Nature Reserve and Seaview Duver beach have SPA status.

The reasons for the citation were that the SPA is used regularly by:

1% or more of the Great Britain population of a species (A);

Mediterranean gull* Larus melanocephalus; (Breeding) (A)
Sandwich tern* Sterna sandvicensis; (Breeding) (A)
Roseate tern Sterna dougallii; (Breeding) (A)
Common tern* Sterna hirundo; (Breeding) (A)
Little tern Sterna albifrons; (Breeding) (A)

1% or more of the biogeographic population of a regularly occurring migratory species in any season (B);

Dark-bellied brent goose* Branta bernicla bernicla; (Non-breeding) (B)
Eurasian teal* Anas crecca; (Non-breeding) (B)
Ringed plover* Charadrius hiaticula; (Non-breeding) (B)
Black-tailed godwit* Limosa limosa islandica; (Non-breeding) (B)

over 20,000 waterfowl (as defined by the Ramsar Convention) or 20,000 seabirds in any season.

Source: http://publications.naturalengland.org.uk/publication/6567218288525312

7* of these 9 species have been observed at Hersey Nature Reserve and/or Seaview Duver beach.