Hersey Nature Reserve


This website has been set up by Friends of Hersey Nature Reserve in order to inform interested parties of developments at Hersey.

Over the weeks to come, discussions will take place with Isle of Wight Council and Natural England to determine the role Friends will play in the management of the Reserve.


Hersey Nature Reserve is located in Seaview on the Isle of Wight in the UK.  Prior to building the new sea wall along the Seaview Duver, the Isle of Wight Council acquired, in 2002, a 50 year lease of the undeveloped land that we now know of as the Hersey Nature Reserve.


0I3A3872#1_filteredwebThe Seaview Duver forms part of the Ryde Sands and Wootton Creek SSSI and adjoins the Solent & Southampton Water SPA and the Solent & Southampton Water RAMSAR site.  The acquisition and management of the land was to provide habitat creation and enhancement in relation to the construction of the new coastal defence scheme.  The aim was to enhance the features of the site, particularly with regard to the features of interest of the adjacent SPA and the RAMSAR lagoon.  On completion of the scheme, the public were given access to an area to the north of the Reserve; this area includes all of the land encompassed by the circular path and bird hide, as well as a strip of land where a footpath leads up to Duver Road.